Why go Low Code?

Key takeaways - Main benefits and what you stand to gain

Low-code platforms harness the power of Rapid Application Development (RAD) to significantly fast-track the app development process, offering a visual, drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the entire workflow. They provide an accessible starting point for tech-savvy individuals with business acumen, enabling quick entry into development or automation projects, yet they complement rather than replace traditional coding methods. This approach encourages collaboration between less technically skilled individuals and seasoned developers, fostering a synergistic environment where best practices and complex problem-solving are shared, enhancing the development ecosystem.

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_Transforming the software creation landscape

Low Code development brings a series of features that are set to redefine the landscape of software development. Unlock the power of low-code development with these essential features and groundbreaking concepts:

  • Visual Development takes centre stage, offering developers intuitive interfaces such as drag-and-drop builders, flowcharts, and graphical design tools. 
  • Declarative Programming steps are a game-changer, steering away from extensive lines of code. 
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) becomes the heartbeat of low-code development, boasting the power to expedite the development lifecycle.
  • Abstraction of Complexity is a liberating force for low-code platforms, abstracting away much of the intricacies inherent in traditional programming. 
  • Integration Capabilities are ensured by pre-built connectors and integration features that seamlessly link with external systems, databases and APIs, fostering interoperability among different software components.

Low Code is a true symphony of creativity, efficiency and connectivity, encapsulated in these key features that redefine the art of application design.

_Low Code, tackling your challenges

Low Code platforms, such as those built by B_Robots’ tech partners Microsoft Power Apps and OutSystems provide a seamless solution for workflows involving human decision points. By offering a visual and user-friendly environment, these platforms empower users to design and implement workflows that incorporate human interactions. With the ability to define and automate workflows visually, businesses can turn chaotic processes into well-organized and efficient systems, provided, however, that the underlying rationale is well thought out and carefully considered.

Similarly, traditional paper-based processes can be eliminated by digitising and automating workflows with intuitive visual interfaces. And everything tailored to your specific business needs, in perfect alignment with organisational requirements. This ability to focus on problem-solving rather than dealing with the complexities of traditional programming, results in more secure and controlled workflows.

Low-code development is a strategic choice, frequently adopted in environments that prioritise inclusivity and empowerment. This inclusivity tends to the redefinition of roles within an organisation, where employees are not merely users but active contributors to the development lifecycle. A paradigm shift that positions every individual as a potential contributor to the digital transformation journey.

_Is Low Code the future? Spoiler alert: absolutely!

The era of cumbersome, time-consuming software development is bowing out gracefully, making room for the streamlined elegance of Low Code. Is Low Code the future? Without a doubt. Rapid application development, increased agility, and cost-effective solutions are the name of the game. Businesses are embracing Low Code to outpace competitors in the digital race. Low codes enable swift automation of targeted, smaller process segments into digital solutions, focusing on creating tailored applications for specific business or team needs without the overhead of large-scale software projects. It serves as a versatile component in your Business Process Automation (BPA) strategy, seamlessly integrating with RPA through ready-to-use connectors on many platforms, facilitating end-to-end process automation with precision. It’s not just a trend: it’s a seismic shift in how we bring ideas to life in the digital realm. Brace yourself for a future where innovation is swift, efficient and remarkably accessible.

B_Robots doesn’t just dabble in low-code solutions; we’re on a mission to transform it with a touch of customer magic. The development journey is a true collaboration, featuring regular updates, intense testing and flashy demos. We then launch your solution into the Go Live phase and make sure your dream lasts. That’s low code for you, B_Robots style.

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