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_Why B_Robots

At B_Robots, we stand out as a leading Belgian niche player with a proven track record in automations. We’re a unique blend of tech expertise, adaptability, amiable service and a customer-first mindset. Our approach is all about building open, constructive partnerships, backed by an honest and no-nonsense attitude. 

Jump on the automation track with us for some serious cost savings and a quality boost. We’re here to:

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_Ways of working together

Navigating the world of automation with B_Robots? Here’s how we team up to make magic happen in your business.


_Time & means

Need an automation superhero? We staff your projects with expert profiles, bringing top-notch talent directly to your team.


_Fixed price

Prefer a clear, no-surprises approach? Our fixed price projects deliver just that. You get the whole package, with a certainty in costs and outcomes.



Whether it’s RPA, low code, IDP or AI automation, we’ve got your back! We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly, converting sleepless nights and headaches to the past.



From bot reviews to governance, workshops and trainings. We equip you with the know-how to conquer the automation world.

You bring the challenges, we bring the solutions to the table.


_Your partner in intelligent automation

Do you have questions or need guidance on automating your processes?

Reach out to us! Fill in your details or email us at info@brobots.be. And look forward to hearing from us soon! 😉