In fall, companies traditionally start preparing for the next business year. This year, business resilience and cost cutting will be key for any healthy enterprise. A recent report from Forrester states that the Covid-19 crisis will accelerate enterprise automation plans, further increasing digitalisation.

Here’s why investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will be a win for your digitalisation strategy in 2021. No matter what happens.

1. RPA is Cost Saving. Mimicking rule-based human actions, RPA will automate your repetitive manual processes. Thus it will be lowering cost and time while improving quality.

2. RPA leads to Employee Job Satisfaction. Automating repetitive processes through RPA will liberate more time for deeper, more interesting, and creative tasks. Doing so, it leads towards greater business value and higher employee satisfaction. 

3. RPA is Pandemic Proof. Whether Covid-19 will continue to lock us into our home office or not: RPA can be implemented anywhere, anytime, and from a physical distance. Moreover, you can tailor your RPA project towards your own needs. You can start with a few small processes or create a long-term roadmap.  

4. RPA is swiftly implemented. When you decide to start your RPA journey, we can set you up within days. However, your challenge will be to define processes and find suitable automation candidates. Luckily process discovery can come to your aid.

5. RPA is your gateway to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once you have automated a process, you can investigate the next step. Through data driven AI, you will be providing your robots with a brain. As a result, you will enable them to make cognitive decisions and anticipating risks.

Ready to get started? Here are some interesting cases of RPA in practice.