Low Code

Simplifying the application development process.


_What is low code?

Low code development is creating high-performance forms, workflows and applications with minimal technical coding (because who has time for that?). Imagine a world where you can build software by stacking building blocks in a graphic interface, kind of like high-tech LEGO. 

3 key features of low code development:

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_Low code used in practice

Low code solutions are great for solving business challenges like:

Low code development is not just about building applications; it’s about improving workflow control, boosting security and replacing tools like Word and Excel. 

Curious how low code can streamline your flows?


_The benefits of low code

Low code development isn’t just a trend; it’s changing the way businesses create software. Here’s why businesses are falling head over heels for it:

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Why go Low Code

Discover Low Code platforms, revolutionising software creation for non-developers. Harness the power of Rapid Application Development (RAD) to significantly fast-track your app development process. 


_Low code technologies

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B_Robots’ approach to low code implementation

At B_Robots, we’re not just about implementing low code; we’re about revolutionizing it with a customer-centric twist. 

Our methodology includes:


_Customized solution development

Each project begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s unique needs. We engage in process discovery sessions and process selection to ensure our solution aligns perfectly with client objectives.


_Process analysis
& documentation

We analyze business processes and create a detailed Process Description Document (PDD). This step ensures clarity and precision in our automation strategy.


_Collaborative development & testing

Our development process includes regular updates and close communication with clients. We develop, demo, and rigorously test the solution, ensuring it meets the highest standards of efficiency and accuracy.


_Go Live & aftercare

Post development, we smoothly transition the solution to a ‘Go Live’ phase, followed by comprehensive aftercare and a warranty period. This ensures sustained performance and reliability.

Throughout the project, we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing needs and provide clear explanations of the capabilities and limitations of our solutions.


_Need proof?

Our low code solutions have already empowered many clients to achieve remarkable efficiency and productivity.

_Let's talk!

If our way of doing low code makes you think, “Hey, that’s exactly what my business needs!”, then let’s chat. Discuss your project with our experts (don’t worry, we speak fluent human, not just tech), and let’s see how we can bring your ideas to life.