Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Bringing order to the chaos of unstructured documents.


_What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

IDP is about bringing order to the chaos of unstructured (digital) documents. It uses AI to process your documents and extracts needed data in a structured format for RPA robots. Think of it as a dynamic duo: IDP brings structure, making it easier for RPA to apply rule-based automation.

The goal of IDP is to automate the handling of unstructured data within documents, such as invoices, contracts, forms, emails and reports. It’s not just about processing documents; it’s about transforming them into strategic assets, making your business more efficient and a bit more brilliant.

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_IDP used in practice

IDP is like the ultimate office organizer, transforming the way businesses handle their piles of documents. It intelligently understands and utilizes the information locked within, for example:

Each of these examples highlights IDP’s versatility in making document-heavy tasks more efficient and insightful. Want to dive deeper into the potential of IDP for your business? Contact us for a free demo!


_The benefits of IDP

Intelligent document processing is a game-changer for your operational efficiency.

These advantages demonstrate that IDP is not just about managing documents, but even more about elevating the overall effectiveness of business operations.

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What is IDP or Intelligent Document Processing? - B_Robots


_Top IDP tools to suit your needs

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B_Robots’ approach to IDP implementation

At B_Robots, our approach to implementing IDP goes beyond just a simple setup. We tailor it to your specific needs.


_Customized solution development

Customized solution design using state of the art AI solutions.


_Data modeling
& documentation

Designing a data model and crafting comprehensive solution process documentation.


_Collaborative development & testing

Establishing an AI training pipeline encompassing data annotation, model training, and model validation. Concurrently, creating an automation solution following these stages: preprocessing, processing (utilizing trained models), and post-processing. Culminating the process with end-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


_Go Live &

Launching the automation solution and model into production, providing ongoing support for optimal performance. Additionally, conducting end-user training for seamless integration and utilization.

Throughout the project, we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing needs and provide clear explanations of the capabilities and limitations of our solutions.


_Need proof?

Our low code solutions have already empowered many clients to achieve remarkable efficiency and productivity.

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