_Robotic Process Automation in insurance

Partenamut stands as a beacon in the insurance industry, dedicated to improving customer journeys, process efficiency, and embracing technological advancements. At the forefront of this transformation is David Fraiture, Chief Transformation Officer.

In this case study, David shares his insights into the successful collaboration with B_Robots in implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a key element in the transformation journey of Partenamut.

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_Identifying the need for RPA

Partenamut, like many in the insurance and banking sectors, faced challenges with a mix of back-office mainframes and custom applications. The need was clear: automate low-value, repetitive tasks that traditional IT development approaches overlooked. The solution? Investing in an internal RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), developed with B_Robots’ expertise, to handle these tasks efficiently.

B_Robots' comprehensive approach

B_Robots began by thoroughly understanding Partenamut’s organizational dynamics and skillsets, laying the foundation for a RPA roadmap. This collaboration led to the successful implementation of best practices in demand management, RPA candidate identification, ROI calculation, and release management processes, ensuring a perfect alignment with Partena’s requirements and goals.

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_Added value through expertise and proximity

The strengths of B_Robots in this project were manifold:

Key tools include AI capabilities, process mining and intelligent document processing (IDP) making RPA adaptable and scalable to various business needs.

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For organizations seeking a flexible, efficient, and reliable RPA partner, B_Robots stands out as an excellent choice. Their approach to solving complex automation challenges makes them a recommended partner.