AI Automation

Going beyond traditional automation.


_What is Artificial Intelligence automation?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation refers to the integration of AI technologies into automation processes. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional automation, because we are no longer limited to rule-based automations. Using:

AI automation empowers systems to perform complex tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as decision-making and problem-solving, thereby enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of automated systems.

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_AI automation used in practice

AI automation is emerging as a significant innovator across various industries, distinguishing itself by:

These applications demonstrate AI automation’s versatility in handling complex tasks with the greatest precision and flexibility.

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_The benefits of AI automation

AI automation is enabling the automation of processes previously deemed unautomatable. Its versatility is shaking things up across industries like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and customer service

Five key advantages of AI automation:

AI automation doesn’t just optimize your operations ; it lets your human team shift its focus to more strategic and creative aspects of their roles, fueling innovation and growth.

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_AI automation technologies we use

At B_Robots, we’re blending advanced open-source algorithms with the latest AI advancements
(like a GPT-4 integration) to ensure robust, efficient and intelligent automation capabilities.

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B_Robots’ approach to AI automation

At B_Robots, we think AI automation should revolve around you and your business. Our methodology includes:


_Customized solution development

Customized solution design using state of the art AI solutions.


_Data modeling
& documentation

Designing a data model and crafting comprehensive solution process documentation.


_Collaborative development & testing

Establishing an AI training pipeline encompassing data annotation, model training, and model validation. Concurrently, creating an automation solution following these stages: preprocessing, processing (utilizing trained models), and post-processing. Culminating the process with end-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


_Go Live &

Launching the automation solution and model into production, providing ongoing support for optimal performance. Additionally, conducting end-user training for seamless integration and utilization.

Throughout the project, our focus is on crafting the perfect-fit solution for each client. This involves training specialized AI models as targeted solutions, ensuring a precise and effective response to your specific challenges.


_Need proof?

Our AI automation solutions have enabled our clients to unlock new levels of innovation and intelligence in their operations. This is boosting decision-making, accuracy and customer engagement.

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